Experimental Meat-tastic Creations at Chris Cosentino’s Cockscomb

Break out the confetti and champagne!! It's a perfect ten! Chef Chris Cosentino knows exactly how to work his way into that soft spot in my heart. All it took was a few of his crazy, funky, zany, inventive, and downright delicious over-the-top meat-filled culinary creations. Yes, that's right — I'm giving this place my first and only flawless 10/10 review, so buckle up for a long one as I explain why I'm so obsessed.You may know of Chris from his many stints on food TV, but I've found myself uncontrollably drawn to him because he cooks only the kind of food that he wants to eat. With his cooking, there's no remorse for pushing people's palettes to the edge of fear. Fear? Yeah, most of his food utilizes all of the delicious miscellaneous organs and obscure cuts of meat that many other chefs won't even dare to work with that most people don't ordinarily choose to consume — frequently involving complete nose-to-tail dishes. Fortunately for me, I share his love for well-prepared organ meats.

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The Baconery Holiday Bacon Baked Goods Basket

20131024_183520_editAhh, bacon. Yes, one of my favorite topics and one of my favorite things in the world. For those who are not yet aware, in NYC up near Harlem there is a magical place called the Baconery (bacon + bakery, get it?). Literally everything on their menu involves bacon in some shape or form, from sandwiches to baked goods to any of their raw artisanal cuts. Even the hot chocolate is topped with bacon! Amy and I took a trip up to the shop a few months ago for a low key date night and nearly put ourselves into a dreamy bacon-induced coma.

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