What’s in a meal? Yes, there’s food, that’s obvious. But isn’t it so much more than just what you’re consuming? A meal is an experience. It’s visceral. It’s as much about where you are as it is about how you got there.

In this blog, I’d like to bring you on a journey. I’ll show you some delicious food and drink as well as the strange and interesting people and places you can see along the way.

Meet your guide: I’m a 26-year-old UPenn Fine Arts graduate born and raised in the Dirty Jerz (I know, I know). I spent the last four years living in NYC working in the digital advertising industry making awesome shit on the internet and have recently relocated out to the techbro epicenter — San Francisco. I love animated GIFs, pronounced with a hard G like ‘graphic’ (Don’t argue with me on this one). You should know I can belt out a mean rendition of “Friends In Low Places” at karaoke, and I’ve got a soft spot for good whiskey and brutal Death Metal.

I enjoy aimlessly wandering the city streets and always have a camera at my side. I’m a compulsive list-maker with a minor case of OCD. Fortunately, I’m able to direct my neurotic tendencies toward obsessively gathering, sorting, reading, organizing, and searching for food. You’re welcome.

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