*Editor’s Note: I’m sad to report that this restaurant is not longer open.

On this hungover Sunday morning, we were deciding where to meet up with my parents for brunch. I’m pretty particular about brunch since I don’t like waiting in lines and don’t want ordinary breakfast food I could make myself at home for a quarter of the price. After some quick thinking, Amy and I remembered the excellent dinner we previously had at Fatty ‘Cue and figured their Asian inflected menu would probably serve as a excellent and interesting brunch spot.




The Restaurant

We were able to quickly and easily secure a table for four on Open Table and headed right over. It was pretty busy and loud inside, but nothing out of control.

We started off with some brunch cocktails. They have four options, a Watermelon Mimosa, Malay Michelada, Whiskey & Coffee, and Bloody Mary. They are $10 each, but you can also get three for $15, which is what we ended up doing.

I selected the Malay Michelada, a cocktail made with beer, lime, a mixture called Malay sangrita with a chili-salt rim. It’s a funky, salty, sour, spicy, citrus concoction. If you don’t like normal Mexican micheladas you probably won’t be a fan of this one, but I definitely enjoyed this Asian twist on the original.


Malay Michelada

The rest of the brunch menu featured mostly meaty barbecue items with Asian flair. After a bit of indecision I chose a the Pork Ribs described as having a Szechuan dry rub and served with tater tots and a spicy Asian slaw. These ribs were enormous, meaty, tender, and had a wonderful smokey flavor that permeated throughout. The spice rub was actually a lot tamer than I expected, but it was quite pleasant nonetheless.

The accompanying tater tots were just about the best tater tots I’d ever had. They were hot, salty, and perfectly crispy and were especially delicious with a bit of ketchup. The Asian slaw was also really great with fresh, crisp veggies in a citrus marinade that was actually quite spicy.


Pork Ribs

Fatty ‘Cue has already proven itself as an excellent spot for a date night and now has been added to my list as worthy brunch spot as well for its interesting Asian barbecue stylings.

Know of another brunch spot with an unusual, interesting menu? Let me know in the comments below.

Fatty ‘Cue
54 Carmine St. New York, NY 10014

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