Once a year, this amazing event rolls through NYC. It takes place on Governor’s Island and most people dress up like it’s the 1920s. There’s a 1920s style band, a dance floor, dance competitions, food, and cocktails from the era sponsored by St. Germain. It’s an all around awesome event with plenty of opportunities to get great photos.

The band was really great and made it a ton of fun to try to do the Charleston (even though I’m not really great at dancing!)



Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra

photo (5)_edit

Some people go all out with the picnic


Some people brought funny signs

photo (3)_edit

They cleared the floor for the competition


These are the professionals… no, I don’t look like this when I attempt the Charleston.

Of course there was food. Delicious food at that. The sausage was really snappy and juicy. It was super flavorful and very satisfying, especially with some brown mustard.



The grilled cheese was done to perfection. It was crispy and buttery on the outside and loaded with melted Cabot cheddar inside. Really great.


Grilled Cheese

And yes, we did dress up in theme. It would have been so strange to come to an immersive event like this and to not do it big with our outfits.


Yep, we dressed up

And before you head back to Manhattan on the ferry, you’ve gotta check out the view!


Jazz Age Lawn Party
Governors Island New York, NY

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