Michael Goes West (Texas): Big Bend Park & Marathon Edition

20131015_180255_editAfter Marfa, our next stop is supposed to send us southward to Terlingua and into Big Bend State Park for a river tour down the Rio Grande. I woke up that morning in our Marfa airstream trailer to the never ending clatter of rain striking our tin roof. I immediately picked up my phone and called up the folks at Big Bend River Tours to find out if our river tour would be canceled due to unsafe weather, but was quickly assured that it was completely clear down in Terlingua. Somehow, considering the fact that we'd had nothing but rain for five straight days, I found that hard to believe, but I held out hope.

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Michael Goes West (Texas): Authentic Mexican Alpine Edition

michaelgoeswest_02So where were we on this drive across Texas? We stopped in Texas' Germantown Fredericksburg for a hearty breakfast and a sausage link for the road and made a quick pit stop in Fort Stockton to stretch our legs. With most of the drive to Marfa already in our rear-view mirror, we finally make it to Alpine for our lunch stop. Amy and I each researched Alpine separately, but both my source, Chow.com, and her's, National Geographic, led us to the same results.

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Michael Goes West (Texas): Fredericksburg & Ft. Stockton Edition

michaelgoeswest_01Let's continue on our adventure across the vast state of Texas. So where were we? Amy and I just spent three days in Austin for Austin City Limits music festival with an epic stop in Elgin for a BBQ hot guts sausage face-off. Now, we're about to embark on a road trip across the entire massive state and are headed to Marfa for the first night. Along the way, we decided to make a few stops since a straight drive to Marfa will take around 7 hours and seems like a bit much. Plus, we'll need to eat! Along the way, we planned for a stop in <a href="Fredricksburg for breakfast, a pit stop in historic Fort Stockton, and a late lunch in Alpine before reaching Marfa for dinner and lodging.

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