A Super-Legit, Dirt-Cheap, Hole-in-the-Wall Banh Mi Shop in Sunnyvale

Another day, another lunch. Working in Sunnyvale has definitely had its lunchtime limitations, but when I looked hard enough, there was definitely greatness to be found. Asian food has proven itself as the area's strong suit so it was almost unsurprising that there's a real, legit, banh mi-slinging hole-in-the-wall in Sunnyvale. This shop, called Cam Hung, is located in an extremely nondescript strip mall parking lot much like every other decent eatery in Sunnyvale and would be next to impossible to spot if you weren't intentionally seeking it out. It's literally not visible from the street and has almost no signage to catch the eyes of passerbys so its a little amazing that they get traffic.

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Get Schooled in the Art of Mac & Cheese at Homeroom in Oakland

Who doesn't love Mac & Cheese? Just about every American has a sort of nostalgia towards it. I think there's just something about that dense, cheesy mess of noodles takes us right back to grade school and having Mom whip together a quick after-school snack.But now as an adult living in the Bay Area, I've figured out where everyone goes to relive those childhood memories in the form of boozy brunch. In the mostly residential Oakland neighborhood of Temescal, there's Homeroom – a super-casual schoolhouse themed spot whose name and decor only serve to further the emotional connection between the food and being a little kid.

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Big, Hot, Soothing, Bowls of Noodle Soup at Pho Vi Hoa in Los Altos

DSC_3551_editTucked away on the outskirts of Mountain View, CA you'll find the lesser-known, tiny town of Los Altos. In this town, situated in a nondescript shopping center on the main highway there's a restaurant called Pho Vi Hoa that serves phenomenal bowls of pho 'til 10 PM. When rain strikes in Silicon Valley, I've found nothing more comforting than a big, steaming bowl of Asian noodle soup and I thank Pho Vi Hoa for providing a great one to me.

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