Beat the Heat with Ice Cold, Summer Sweets at Plum St. Snoballs

It's feeling like summer, so let's talk about summery things. It probably comes as no surprise to anyone but, I'll say it anyway – New Orleans gets freaking hot in the summer. And when the people of NOLA find themselves melting under the oppressive sun, they rely on a steady intake of freezing cold shaved ice treats known in this town as Snowballs. You're probably familiar with this sort of summery snack and you also probably know it by another region-specific name – Italian Ice, Water Ice, Shaved Ice, a Snocone, or any other myriad of alternatives. But in NOLA, it's a Snoball. And there's one place that become the most famous for them and draws the biggest crowds of all called Plum St. Snowballs.

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Eat a Filipino Feast with Your Hands on Kamayan Night at Jeepney

I want to share one of the most fun, excessive, over-the-top meals I've recently had with you all. On the northern edge of the East Village on 1st Ave. at 13th St. there's a cool, newish place called Jeepney. You won't be able to miss the gigantic, bold, yellow signage. Jeepney is a self-described Filipino gastropub that serves hearty Filipino specialties alongside Southeast Asian inflected cocktails. Jeepney is owned by the Maharlika guys and has the same hip, cool vibe as the sit-down spot. I've gotta warn you though, the hip decor at Jeepney isn't exactly Safe For Work.On this particular Thursday evening, Amy and I were accompanied to dinner by two of my close friends from Foodspotting, Meng and Dr. Klein. We had all heard great things about a special feast at Jeepney served every Thursday (and has subsequently expanded into Wednesdays too) by reservation only called Kamayan (kuh-MY-uhn) Night. We were all very excited to check it out. Before arriving that night, I had no idea what I was getting myself into except that there was going to be a massive amount of Filipino food that we would be eating it with our hands!

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Michael Goes West (Texas): Authentic Mexican Alpine Edition

michaelgoeswest_02So where were we on this drive across Texas? We stopped in Texas' Germantown Fredericksburg for a hearty breakfast and a sausage link for the road and made a quick pit stop in Fort Stockton to stretch our legs. With most of the drive to Marfa already in our rear-view mirror, we finally make it to Alpine for our lunch stop. Amy and I each researched Alpine separately, but both my source,, and her's, National Geographic, led us to the same results.

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