Is It Sushi? Is It A Burrito? Or Is It Something Else Entirely?

It's a strange concept. Take a dish that is naturally light, fresh, delicate, and dainty — supersize it — and throw as many crunchy, creamy, fusiony ingredients as you can into it. What do you get? A sushirrito.Even before I had moved to San Francisco, Sushirrito was already near the top of my SF must-eat list. There was just something about that super-hyped, unusual sushi-burrito hybrid that I just couldn't resist trying for myself. Yes, I know the concept sounds a little ridiculous — why would anyone want to shove sushi ingredients into a burrito format. And yes, I know that the Japanese have already mastered the supersized sushi form through handrolls. But, I do love sushi and I do love burritos, so I was curious enough to find out if this Bay Area combined evolution of the two would form a recipe for success.

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A Real Cheesesteak without the Drive to Philly at Phil’s Steaks in NYC

DSC_2139_editI've spent a good chunk of time in Philly during my four years of college. Over this time, I ate my fair share of cheesesteak. No surprise there. So, when it comes to cheesesteaks, I have really high standards. I've eaten most of the big names in Philly and I know what makes a good cheesesteak great.Now, I get it. Cheesesteaks are not going to be as cheap in New York as they are in Philly. And that's a shame since it is street food and is supposed to be cheap. It's a blue collar sandwich for the common man, but I've come to terms with it. However, there are still a few aspects of a cheesesteak that are musts and only a few of the cheesesteak shops in NYC have met my requirements. On the many visits I've taken to the mobile Phil's Steaks trucks, they have passed my tests with flying colors.

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