This Cozy, Neighborhood Cocktail Bar is Perfect at Any Time of Day


Two Sister's Bar and Books @2sistersbar The best cocktail spot in Hayes Valley also just so happens to serve up incredibly delicious bar bites.


Hayes Valley 579 Hayes St. San Francisco, CA 94102 [wpgmza id="259"]


Perfect for whenever you need a quiet bar and a great cocktail. It's an ideal date night spot, works really well for brunch as well, and is excellent for solo dining/drinking too.Their happy hour is also an excellent deal. Don't miss out on that extra special value Tuesday through Friday from 4 to 6 pm and Saturday or Sunday from 1 to 4 pm where you can snag $3 draft beers, $5 house wines, a $5 happy hour cocktails, or a $5 happy hour snack.

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A New American Date Night Spot in NoHo at Bleecker Kitchen & Co.

DSC_3280_editIt's not always so easy finding a good date night spot in NYC. Often times at the popular places it's tough to get a table without a long wait, or the menu is super-pricey, or the restaurant focuses more on ambiance than the food itself. I've certainly found some great (and unusual) places along the way, but sometimes you want a place that has the ambiance, good drinks, and upscale but accessibly comfortable food. That where's the newly opened Bleecker Kitchen & Co. comes in. In my opinion, it is a great addition to the NoHo dining landscape which could always use a reasonably priced, quality date night spot.

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Strong Cocktails and Amazing Bar Snacks at YOLO in Fort Lauderdale

DSC_3235_editFort Lauderdale is a funny place. On one hand it's the place where everyone's Jewish Grandma goes when the Tristate weather is too cold and on the other hand it's a beachy, party-your-face-off Spring Break destination with a clubby nightlife scene. And yet somehow it works as both simultaneously.This visit happened to coincide with most college Spring Breaks, but that wasn't the reason I was in town. I was actually coming for a relaxing weekend, to lounge on the beach with my girlfriend and family and have a quick visit with Grandma. But, as you already know, no matter where I am, I'm going to seek out great food and this trip was no exception. So on Saturday night we headed to the downtown Las Olas strip to a loungey bar restaurant that was seriously called, wait for it, YOLO.

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Hot Dog Insanity at Los Perros Locos LES

*Editor's Note: I'm sad to report that this restaurant is no longer open.What's the craziest meal you've ever had in New York? I know, there's many types of crazy meals, whether it involves something outside your comfort zone like organ meat or a perhaps it's a meal served in pure darkness. But, I'm talking about a different kind of crazy. The kind that makes you stop at ask what kind of clinically insane person thought up the menu. The kind that makes you actually utter 'what the fuck' out loud. Well, this is it. This is some of the most out-there food I've found in NYC and honestly, I don't know anywhere else in the US quite like it either. Even the name of the shop foreshadows the wackiness to come. Welcome to Los Perros Locos. If you haven't already guessed, they served over-the-top hot dog varieties.

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