Your Next Date Night Should Involve SF’s Very Best Burger

I love that we live in a time where the modest and familiar burger is treated with the same skill and care as a seared duck breast or other fancy-sounding entrée. These impressive creations are no longer haphazardly assembled by slapping together unwanted scraps and trimmings and are no longer regarded just as greasy pub food. These burgers come a pedigree. Brilliant chefs now utilize custom butcher blends of meat and have truly mastered the art of balancing and enhancing those bold, rich, cheesy flavors while still retaining the burger's undeniably attractive gutbomb essence. These cherished burgers have now become a highlighted menu staple at most high-end restaurants and while many claim to serve the best in San Francisco, I think the title belongs safely to the one I've had at Stones Throw.

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Solid Dim Sum without the Push Carts at Tai Pan in Palo Alto

Transport yourself to Hong Kong. And you don't even need to leave the cushy confines of Palo Alto, California. Just a block off the main drag on University Avenue, there's a massive dim sum parlor that would be all too easy to miss while walking by. Despite its enormous front signage, there's nothing about its appearance that would actually draw a pedestrian inside to experience an authentic Hongkongese dim sum meal.

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