A Great Place to Experience Pan-Fried Soup Dumplings in Silicon Valley

If you've got a car and are willing to drive to strange strip malls in Silicon Valley, there are plenty of interesting Asian foods to find. It's always hard to know if a dingy shop is one of the good ones or the bad ones until you try it for yourself, so as I approached Shanghai Flavor Shop in Sunnyvale, I prepared myself for the whichever side of the coin it was going to land.

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A Massive Meatball Masterpiece at Viking’s Giant Subs in Cow Hollow

With a name like Vikings Giant Subs, I was ready to be utterly blown away by massive sandwich portions. This sub shop has with a very positive reputation that it's built over the past 15 years and I was excited to figure out if it could fill the Meatball Parm void moving from NYC to SF left in my life. On a daily basis, I find myself missing New York's Alleva and their absolutely perfect Meatball Parm so I've been on a constant hunt for its replacement.

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