SF’s Perpetual Hot Spot Has Turned Dim Sum on Its Head


State Bird Provisions @StateBirdSF This restaurant hardly needs an introduction. One of SF's hardest tables to land. Theyare famed for the way they embrace the dim sum system to serve creative New-Californian cuisine.


The married chef-oweners, Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza, have both earned themselves a James Beard award as Best Chefs: West in 2015 for the restaurant among many other accolades.


At the intersection of Japantown, Lower Pac Heights, and the Western Addition (aka NoPa) 1529 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA 94115 [wpgmza id="287"]


Perfect for a special occasion splurge or super-impressive date night dinner.

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Serious Sausage Sandwiches & Epic Meats at 4505 Butcher in the Mission

*Editor's Note: I'm sad to report that this butcher shop is no longer open.4505 Butcher Shop is a big deal in SF. Formerly an extremely popular farmers market stall, this brick-and-mortar shop functions primarily as a permanent place to purchase really high-quality meats for home use. But, beyond the gorgeous cuts of steak and other game meats sold, they also make a variety of awesome sausages and hot dogs in-house. In fact, I hear that's really how they made their name and became so popular.All of their hot dogs, sausages, and cuts of meat are made sustainably from animals raised locally in Northern California and come with a glowing reputation for being some of the very best butchery around. In fact, these days there are many bars and fine dining establishments that proudly serve 4505 bacon-studded hot dogs in a variety of fancy preparations.

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Excellent Fried Chicken and Ramen at Maru Ichi in Mountain View

By this point I think I've proven that I'm passionate about ramen. My time in NYC has given me plenty of opportunities to learn what I love and what makes a great bowl. So now that I'm spending most of my time in Silicon Valley, there's no reason not to hunt for that perfect bowl out here as well.Since I'm working in Sunnyvale and Mountain View is a short eight minute drive from the office, that always seems like an obvious and easy choice for a post-work meal. Feeling a bit ill and in need of a great bowl of curative soup, I decided to find a good ramen joint in town. After a bit of research, I decided on a shop called Maru Ichi which sounded like it would serve exactly what I needed.

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Fast, Healthy, Korean in the Desolate Sunnyvale Culinary Wasteland

In Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale is one of the more vacuous towns in the area. It's mostly filled with bleak, white-washed office buildings, parking lots, and roads leading nowhere. If you work there, as I currently do, you'll quickly learn how limited the lunch options are, especially if you want to walk to lunch.Fortunately for me, I've found a lunchtime gem in a nondescript mini-mall called Bibimbowl just a half mile's walk from the office serving fresh, healthy, high-quality Korean food at a reasonable price.

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