A Perfect Day of Eating & Wine Tasting Across Paso Robles

To celebrate my lovely girlfriend Amy's redacted birthday, we planned a glorious weekend getaway to the Paso Robles wine country. We had heard excellent things about the remote region's beauty and density of high-quality wineries so it seemed like a great way to spend a couple of days and the perfect way to mark the occasion.On the Friday of her birthday weekend, Amy drove down from San Francisco to pick me up from work in Sunnyvale before we headed off into the beautiful, winding, south-of-SF countryside only to stop quickly in Moss Landing for dinner before reaching Paso Robles at around 11 PM.

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Michael Goes West (Texas): Authentic Mexican Alpine Edition

michaelgoeswest_02So where were we on this drive across Texas? We stopped in Texas' Germantown Fredericksburg for a hearty breakfast and a sausage link for the road and made a quick pit stop in Fort Stockton to stretch our legs. With most of the drive to Marfa already in our rear-view mirror, we finally make it to Alpine for our lunch stop. Amy and I each researched Alpine separately, but both my source, Chow.com, and her's, National Geographic, led us to the same results.

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