Snappy Sausage Sandwiches at Rosamunde & Killer Craft Beer Next Door at Toronado in SF

DSC_3446_editWhat could be more perfect than the combination of beer and sausage? It’s an old-as-time classic pairing, but I think I've found the solution to this basically unanswerable question. How about gourmet game meat sausages eaten with a ridiculously good craft draft beer?In the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco there is a spot where you can have the best of both worlds, together. Butted literally right up against each other are Rosamunde Sausage Grill and a bar called Toronado. It's a fairly well known fact that you can order sausages at Rosamunde and bring them right next door to eat in Toronado and this was precisely the plan. Ultimately though, it was pretty packed in Toronado, so we just ate our links in the sausage shop before heading right next door for some brews after.

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Austin City Limits 2013

I know you all usually come here to read about food, but every now and then I want to share something with you that I think is really cool that's not directly related to eating. I just returned from a week in Texas, and started in Austin for a 3-day music festival called Austin City Limits. They have 8 large stages playing a wide variety of music all-day, for all three days. That is, usually for three days.

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