I was completely certain I was gonna love everything about Wing Wings. I absolutely love crushing buckets of chicken wings and I had heard such great things about the many unique varieties at this Lower Haight hole-in-the-wall and hot spot.

They’ve been featured in 7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat 2013, on Grub Street’s Best Places for Wings in SF, on Epicurious’ America’s Best Chicken Wings List, and in plenty of other high profile publications. To put it simply, their reputation precedes them. Beyond what I had read about online, I’d had already had the chance to experience their impressive chicken-preparation skill via the transcendent Fried Chicken served at their Off The Grid Picnic at the Presidio pop-up stall. I knew this was gonna be good.

This time, I took a long walk over to the Lower Haight to sample a few more of the creations at their brick and mortar shop. It’s a pretty tiny joint with a hip, edgy youthful vibe perfectly suited for takeout or delivery, although they do have a few barstools lining the walls that I took advantage of on my visit.





The Place

I knew I couldn’t leave without sampling their under-the-radar Chicken Salad Biscuit Sandwich or getting an order of their famed Angry Korean Wings. Those two things I knew for sure. I was fairly certain a dish called Angry Korean Wings was gonna kick pretty hard, so I knew I was gonna need a drink to wash them all down.

I couldn’t resist giving Wing Wing’s housemade Limeade a shot and I was happy to find that this was an outstanding rendition. It was not overly sweet like most versions tend to be. Instead, it had a nice level of sourness – the kind that makes your cheeks pucker in when you suck from the straw – but not overwhelmingly or unpleasantly sour. This was a fantastic beverage pairing if you ask me.



Then my meal arrived. And it looked absolutely magnificent.

I started off with the Chicken Salad Biscuit Sandwich so I could experience it’s presumably subtler flavors before diving into my plate of spicy Angry Korean Wings. The chicken salad was outstanding. It was very meaty and clearly made with fresh and high quality chicken. There was just enough mayo to add moisture, but not so much as to overwhelm the chicken’s natural flavor or the entirety of the sandwich.

There was a really pleasant black pepper bite throughout and the biscuit that encased the large scoop of chicken salad was spot on texturally. It was light, flaky, butter and crisp. So, if you’re a fan of either biscuits or chicken salad and have never had the version at Wing Wings, I’d highly recommend getting one. At only $3 a pop, it’s a certified steal.


Chicken Salad Biscuit Sandwich

And then it was time for the famed Angry Korean Wings. They came fresh out of the fryer – piping hot and absolutely smothered in a deep red Korean gochujang coating. The meat was hot and juicy and was completely covered in a magnificently crispy exterior that crunched with every bite. The glaze was sticky, sweet, and spicy – it was really just all-around incredible. These wings were absolutely worthy of the hype.

They were really perfect as provided, but I wouldn’t be afraid to dunk them in a bit of their also outstanding Bleu Cheese and Ranch dipping sauces. I certainly wasn’t shy about using either of them.


Angry Korean Wings

So, I think it’s safe to say that I thought everything at Wing Wings was really amazing. The place is everything everyone claims it to be and more. The food is cheap, fast, delicious, and clearly made with care and quality. What more could you ask for? I’d even be happy to crown these the best chicken wings I’ve ever had – anywhere. Beat that, anyone, I dare you.

Got another incredible chicken spot in SF that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below.

Wing Wings
422 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117

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