My buddy Evan moved to NYC about a year ago for Med School. Whenever he can get away from his studies long enough for us to get together, he’s always up for an adventure and will indulge my need to experience new cuisines. I’ve known Evan just about for forever, so when I contacted him about going on an adventure, his first reaction was ‘How about Elmhurst?’ Well yes, I had been meaning to head out to Queens and check out a whole variety of ethnic places, so I responded to his request with a list of some ideas I had in the neighborhood. One of the options I sent over, a Tibetan restaurant called Himalayan Yak, piqued his interest so that’s where we decided to meet.

Getting out to Elmhurst (well, maybe Jackson Heights depending who you ask) ended up being a lot easier and faster than I thought it would be. My apartment is only 2 blocks from the West 4th Street F train and surprisingly, the ride only took 22 minutes from W4th to the Jackson Heights – Roosevelt Ave station. After leaving Manhattan, the F stops once at Roosevelt Island, once in Long Island City, then expresses all the way to my destination stop. It’s great to know how easy it’ll be to explore the rest of my Elmhurst to-do list!


The Neighborhood

I can’t say I’m particularly experienced with