Flushing, Queens is one of my favorite places to eat really well for really cheap. There’s such a great variety of authentic, spicy, filling Asian food you can choose from. But I won’t lie, it’s a little overwhelming. That’s were this guide comes in. I’m providing a map of some of my favorite eats in Flushing which includes some of my favorite food anywhere in the world. Most of it is very cheap although I’ve included some worthy splurges. Enjoy and eat well!

88Chen Du Tian Fu41-28 Main St Flushing, NY 11355Lot's of spicy food. Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce is great. Located in the Golden Mall basement
87Xi'an Famous Food41-28 Main St #36, New York, NY 11355Lamb Burger Located in the Golden Shopping Mall
86New World Mall4021 Main St, Queens, NY 11354Another great food court with tons of options
85Golden Mall41-28 Main St Flushing, NY 11355A food court with many great options
84Biang!41-10 Main St, Queens, NY 11355Hard to go wrong with anything, but don't miss the Lamb Dumplings in Broth
83Nan Xiang Dumpling House38-12 Prince St, New York, NY 11354Xiao Long Bao
82Fu Run4009 Prince St, Flushing, NY 11354Muslim Lamb Chop & Ba Si
81AA Plaza40-66 Main St Flushing, NY 11369Scallion Pancake for $1
80Zhu Ji Guo Tie40-52 Main St Flushing, NY 11354Guo Tie
79Traditional Xinjiang Barbecue CartMain St. (at Kissena Blvd) Flushing, NY 11355Spicy Lamb Skewer for $1
78White Bear135-02 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354#6 Wontons with Hot Sauce
77Corner 2840-28 Main St, New York, NY 11354Peking Duck Bun for $1

Photo via Chunso

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